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Han shouted. The ignition psykers shot a fireball into the air. The werewolf punched its two fists and flew through the giant fireball.


'Even without Canute, as long as I can recruit many members in my squad, our battle tactics will become dynamic. It will be good to recruit as many people as I can.'


"I've never been to Korea, but I know that it's a very difficult place to live. I didn't have as tough a time like you, but my family wasn't on the wealthy side either. I lived in the Barcelona slums and our house was nearly falling apart. My mother and father, although poor, loved alcohol and had continued to produce children one after another. I had four siblings. I got news that a new baby was born not too long ago, and so I have five siblings now. It should be obvious why I came here, right?"


If he had been a simple guy who strictly adhered to commands, he would have forced himself to somehow rejoin no matter the end result. If so, the entire squad would have fallen into danger. Canute always thinks and judges for himself.


"During the last move you caught the spear with your left hand, but then you didn't switch to your right hand and instead stabbed forward. Although that's your non-dominant hand, your posture seemed very strong. Are you ambidextrous?"


Han looked at his data bracelet. The screen shook with noise and wouldn't properly function. Everyone else would probably be in the same situation. Wuxiaworld for visiting.

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Kuro began to follow the cat unknowingly. The cat twisted and turned in complicated paths. Kuro moved through, following the cat, with nimble swiftness. He looked like an athlete. He was only weak compared to the children who had undergone the superhuman transformation procedure. Kuro was quite strong compared to an average athletic adult.


Though this had started from a personal grudge, Han had greatly contributed for their victory. Everyone knew they could only win because Han was able to endure for them.


Many cats permanently resided on the artificial island, Ark. In the beginning stages when Ark was being built, many individuals suffered from loneliness and raised pets to cope. The pets that people had raised bred together and multiplied to the current population today. These cats would drop into the student dorms for food scraps.


Grace continued her consultation with Han for awhile longer. She recalled the information of Han's profile.


Kuro's psychic growth was shocking. It had not been long since Kuro had been transferred, and his psychic talent had already climbed into the top five.


"I'm measuring your strongest and lightest grip strength. That's not a simple rubber ball, because it's made up of very expensive pressure sensors. Even if two different people use the same psychoframe with the same specifications, the energy output will vastly differ. The variable is the dragon material."


Silence stepped out fully geared. Instead of his usual skull helmet, he wore a pure black helmet. He kept his entire face fully covered like usual. Text and emoticons blinked onto the surface of his helmet eye shield.



The instructors unanimously agreed. Learning to lose was also a lesson to be learned. They must be taught the bitter taste of failure before they become drunk off victory.



Han patiently waited for Silence to finish writing out his thoughts. Silence usually replied to people's questions very shortly, and expressed his intentions through gestures. It was rare for him to ever convey a long paragraph.


"Such situations will probably never occur during training, but out in real battle you can just piss in your pants. Your life is on the line, why would crapping your pants be so important? There's no reason we should be adding additional parts for such small matters. It's complicated enough to build the hip joint of this piece. If we were to build a frame which pops open for excretion, the part becomes a weak point of defense as well. What if it accidentally pops open in error during battle?"


Schwartz broke the computer and took out the harddrive. He connected the hard drive to his data bracelet and copied its contents. He repeated this process many times.

  • "Continue, Chan." Schwartz said while patting off some of the black ash.
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