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Ark's military forces were currently in battle against the enemy. Ark's anti-aircraft guns barraged against the planes. The planes fell down like a flock of birds.


"Han, I really dislike you, but I'm glad to see you safe like this. As you've said, I don't have the strength to kill nor see someone be killed in front of me."


"Stop. Han is right to some level. This is only the first time, so it's natural to make mistakes. Han, you should show more respect toward your seniors. You're of the same rank, but everyone here has more experience in squad 7 than you. If you're unhappy with the instructions, do not complain, and come talk to me about it."


The Elu gathered all its strength and attempted one last blink. It wanted to use all its remaining psychic energy to escape to the opposite passageway.


Han tumbled forward onto the ground. It had been a merciless kick. The small body of a child had flown through the air from the kick.


Han held onto a useful looking spear. The palm of his hands stung. It was as if an electric shock ran through his body. The weapon which shined of ivory light seemed to circulate with psychic energy.

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"If all of the first years' sergeants are required to be present for the meeting, there can only be one reason: selecting new transfers for year 2."


China would probably gladly obtain some of Ark's enmity and kill all of Squad Victor to bury all of this. China was one of the main powerhouses of the world. Ark heavily depended on their monetary aid.


Ever since the waves of aggression, Japan had remained fairly safe while China had such a large population that they were able to make a swift recovery.


Originally, all research and data related to psychic energy or minions must be reported and shared with the Ark institution. However, this clause was only spoken. The nations who allied with the Ark all held their own secret psychic research centers. It's just that it had never been found yet.


The Elu mage had remained in hiding for the past ten years. It was cunning and careful. Yet, the Elu mage did not escape this dangerous situation and chose to remain near the dimensional crack.


Kato's face flushed red like he would explode. His fist was slowly rising.


Han ungeared the airbeat on his hip and turned it on. The airbeat felt heavy in his hands because he was holding onto it slanted.



A day before announcing promotions throughout Ark, the sergeants and teachers were in a conference. Usually, students would be promoted based on grades but there was a new agenda today.



"Everyone who wants to volunteer to be president step forward. No matter how unskilled you are, you'll be able to be promoted with the additional bonus points. Right?"


The instructor blew his whistle and shouted. All of the children fell to the floor like puppets whose strings had been cut off. They couldn't even open their eyes while on the floor.


Han stared at his own promotion announcement. He had skipped over class C into class B. Such a case had been extremely rare.

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